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William P. Smith

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Attorney Smith has 33-years' experience as a trial attorney in a wide variety of civil cases in Massachusetts Superior Court, District Court and Federal Court. In addition, Attorney Smith has experience in appeals court and the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.


  • Boston College 1982 Bachelor's Magna Cum Laude
  • Boston College Law School 1985 Juris Doctorate, Cum Laude

Massachusetts Supreme Court Cases:

  • Griffiths v. Campbell, 425 Mass. 31 (1997). Represented defendant landlord. SJC overturned verdict for Estate of Police Officer shot to death during drug raid, holding landlord had no duty to police office under the circumstances.
  • Darcy v. Royal Insurance Co., 407 Mass. 481 (1990). Represented defendant in case involving notice provision in liability insurance policy. Court held evidence insufficient to establish insurer was prejudiced by late notice.
  • Sharpe v. Springfield Bus Terminal Corp., 406 Mass 62 (1989). Issues regarding calculation of pre and post judgment interest in connection with case referenced below.
  • Sharpe v. Peter Pan, 401 Mass 788 (1988). On brief. (note: not credited in decision as not present for oral argument). Represented Plaintiff, Estate of 16-year old girl, stabbed to death in bus terminal in Springfield. SJC upheld jury verdict of $550,000.00 for Plaintiff.
  • Commonwealth v. Lahti, 398 Mass. 829 (1986). Represented defendant. Court held that statements obtained from defendant were inadmissible as non-voluntary because obtained by promises of leniency.

Massachusetts Appeals Court:

  • Anderson v. Hamel, Wickens & Troupe, et als., 75 Mass. App. Ct. 1112 (2009). Represented defendant, Bayview Crematory, in case involving claims by multiple parties of wrongful handling of deceased persons. Case attracted significant media attention. Court upheld summary judgment for defendants holding that media reports of alleged general wrongdoing, without evidence of specific mishandling of specific remains of Plaintiffs' deceased persons, was insufficient to support negligence claims. SJC denied petition for further appellate review.
  • Huntingon v. Robbins, 72 Mass. App. Ct. 1106 (2008). Represented defendant. Appeals Court upheld jury verdict in favor of defendant finding negligence, but no injury, in rear end automobile accident case.
  • Murray v. Goodrich Engineering Corp., 30 Mass. App. Ct. 918 (1991). Represented defendant. Court upheld summary judgment for defendant component supplier in products liability personal injury case.